The First Two

from by The Way Birds Are

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When researching the history of our planet. I came across the writings of Zecharia Sitchin, which immediately captured my full attention. My interest peaked when parallel bible verses matched these ancient tablets in cuneiform script. Being raised as a Christian with decent bible knowledge, this turned my world upside down.

I still do, and always will hold the bible to the highest esteem. It definitely was meant to be kept around to guide our lives in some way. Finding the books of Sitchin helped the world make more sense, spiritually, socially, and historically. Suddenly patterns and traditions were easy to understand, and I could sigh a bit of relief. But like anything in life, the mystery gained more layers, so deep that they just cannot be explained at this point in time.

Through a lot of research synchronicities… I realized how important natural math is. By ‘natural math’, I simply mean mathematics put into place by the universe. Such an example would be the rotation speed of our earth, or the distance between large bodies to create a harmonic gravitational dance. There are recurring prime numbers throughout history, all seemingly harmonic with time, spheres, or circles. These numbers are found in the bible, myths, and legends. They are in harmony with the math of the universe.

“The First Two” signifies a great event. The first two humans on planet earth. Adam and Eve ring a bell... but from my studies, I’ve learned that tablets tell a tale of a genetically modified “AD.AM” that was created by one of the first two intelligent beings to come to this planet.

The first two beings to start to colonize earth were EN.LIL & EN.KI, according to the first human writings discovered so far. Learning the stories that these tablets have held, will shed new light on all of your knowledge. Myths and legends simply become echoes of these initial stories, all tied together with recurring numbers…perpetuating into our psyche...

Numbers harmonic with what we perceive as time.


from Lava Lava, released March 20, 2014




The Way Birds Are Wichita, Kansas

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