So There Were Twelve

from by The Way Birds Are

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The number twelve is in constant repetition, forced into our psyche by the movement of time and the earth itself. It envelopes groups of important people, even gods, leaving us with a wake of tales. Twelve Greek Olympians still influence our rituals and traditions today. Twelve apostles followed a very impressive man, according to the bible. A conspiratorial Majestic 12 is a phantom of our own age. Twelve zodiac symbols have housed the earth since the beginning of our perception of time.

There are many more examples of twelve being an important ‘group’ of influential beings or symbols.

Through a variety of studies, I’m coming to the understanding that our subconscious rules our lives. The number twelve, recurring throughout history in stories and legends, is an example of our subconscious feeding basic inspiration to our lives, and our creations. Since we are born into a cycle of twelve, and it is an overwhelming constant in our lives, we view it as one of the most important numbers subconsciously.

Twelve is just one repeating number in our subconscious. The mathematics tied to a sphere is constantly training our body and minds to live on a sphere. Constantly reminding us of harmonic values ever present in history and ancient tales.

This album is entirely made up of songs tuned to 432hz instead of the standard 440hz. After spending several years researching and experimenting with different base frequencies, I kept coming back to 432hz. This frequency holds the same numerical values as the repeating numbers in history. D is at 144hz in this tuning, reminding me of various ancient texts. For one example, the bible tells us that “144,000 will go to heaven”. It is also the twelfth fibonacci number. But the most important, basic principle gained by tuning music to A432hz, is that it’s harmonic with a sphere.

Numbers keep reappearing and reminding us of a certain harmonic subconscious truth, law, or ruling that the universe has put into place. I’ve found it greatly beneficial to pursue studies of these numbers, and the stories holding these numbers. I hope my short writings, and the music created in the middle of all my studies, inspire you to research these topics more. I also hope it encourages collaboration in this realm of 432hz with new musicians and artists of all types.


from Lava Lava, released March 20, 2014




The Way Birds Are Wichita, Kansas

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